Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lily's first friend's birthday party!

Lily got invited to Madison's party and she was so excited to go! She jumps at any chance to get in the car and go ANYWHERE! She had so much fun! She danced to the Cha Cha Slide (and she now attempts to sing it around the house), got her hair and makeup done and picked out a pretty costume and she got sprinkled with glitter! It blessed me to see her there having such a fun time. She was timid at first but she quickly realized that her shyness would make her miss out on a good time so she threw caution to the wind and joined ALL the fun. She is a brave girl.

By the way, Lily said there was no glitter at the orphanage. How sad....

1 comment:

Christa @ said...

That IS sad. :(
A life without glitter is a sad life indeed.
So happy that you guys are showering your girls with glitter and love!!
God bless you and yours!