Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lily's second surgery: old friends, fezzes, and addictions

Lily had her surgery yesterday here in Shreveport LA on her hip. She was born with a condition called coxa vara of her hip. We didn't even know Lily had this condtion until we got her in China. Daniel noticed one of her hips was higher than the other. She also fell down quite often. And her balance has always been poor.

Last year a nice older gentleman approached me while I was waiting to get Lily and Hope's blood drawn for labwork. He asked about our adoption and asked about Hope's mouth. She hadn't yet gotten her cleft lip and palate fixed. I told him we had selected a surgeon in Dallas when he asked about surgery. Then he looked at Lily and asked me if Lily needed a surgery for anything. I explained that she needed two surgeries and one of them we already had scheduled but we were still looking for a surgeon to fix her hip.

Kenneth Seney then proceeded to tell me that Shriner's Hospital could fix her hip and that they have the finest surgeons. I told him that although I was familiar with Shriner's I didn't think we qualified for acceptance. I can still remember when he told me that no one is ever turned away who they can help medically.

For the next year we have be in awe at the fact of getting such great medical care without a cost to us. Such a rare thing. We have good insurance and my husband works really hard, but last year out of pocket expenses for the three surgeries and Lily's dental work was great. Coming to Shriner's and being so well taken care of is a huge relief and blessing!

Lily's Child Life Specialist is my childhood friend Ashley McMillan. I grew up with Ashley and she was one of my best friends in school. Today when I saw her loving on Lily and checking on her I thought how incredible it was that my dear friend was helping me take care of this little girl we got from thousands of miles away. Ashley is one of the few people I know who are actually working in the profession they got their degree in, and who have a passion for it. She has always been filled to the brim with gentlness, goodness, and compassion. She is perfect for her job and she blesses so many people everyday here at Shriner's.

The surgery was done by Dr. Reinhart who is brand new to Shriners. And guess what her specialty and passion is? Hips! Fun! I told Lily that God picked two people who performed her surgeries who both are the best at what they do and love helping kids! God sure loves Lily Love.

I have always noticed Lily's leg was quite shapely for her age. Now I realize it was because of her hip deformity. It poked out further on her right side. One of the femoral neck bones in her hips didn't form correctly in the womb. Dr. Reinhard inserted a plate and pins into her hip to fix the condition. Today Lily had to begin rehab on her hip and had to do exercises and try to hobble around using a walker. She is going home with a Lily-sized walker and a wheelchair. Johnny is gonna love them!!! We may have to take our annual family photo with them as props. Fun!

It looks like we will go home tomorrow! But in the morning I am going to be interviewed by a local news reporter about Lily's story. I share about Lily and adoption every chance I get, especially if someone specifically asks for more information. Daniel and I have always hoped that our story to adopt Lily and Hope would encourage others to as well. Once you are a part of changing someone's eternal destiny and present day circumstances it's addictive!!! You feel the power of changing someone's life through your obedience to God! And that's why you see so many people go back to get another child. And another. Hey there are WORSE addictions, right??? Like eating toilet paper or drinking monster energy drinks or collecting frog figurines.

My priority tomorrow is to track down some Shriner's for a photo op with Lily! Hat's on to Shriners everywhere!!

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