Monday, June 11, 2012

snapshots of Lily's life

Lily's earliest photo in the paper of her hometown. All lost or abandoned children must have their photo posted by law for their parents to claim.

my guess: 4

my guess: 6

My guess: 7

8 and a half, Summer 2010

9, February 2011, the night Lily became ours

9, First night home in America!

9, scared to step on the grass, she didn't know what it was :(

9, Summer 2011

10, First ever school photo, September 2011

10, Lily's first ever teacher, Mrs. Lutherbeck

10, Lily's surgery, October 2011

10, Lily meets Pooh at Disney World

10, Spring 2012

10, Lily meets the ocean for the first time ever! Summer 2012

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