Saturday, September 20, 2008

How's the adoption going?

That is the question I occasionally get when people think of it. It's so strange. To have to wait SO long for something so life changing. I think some people ask us about is as if maybe we are not adopting anymore....or maybe we've lost interest.

China is branded in our hearts. Our children's hearts! Just the other day Phoebe was sad because she doesn't have a sister. She said, "I mean, I know that Hope is coming, but it is so hard right now!" Yes, it is.

We go about our lives with many plans and things to do, but at the end of the day, we think about Hope and how one day, our family will be complete. It is so great to know that we can make our family, control it as much as we think... and then God can add to it as HE likes! And in that lies the joy of being God's own, totally surrendered to HIS plan and HIS will. It makes life so much more interesting...just to relax and watch God work!

So here's the update: YES, we are still waiting. And it is going to be a long one. At current trends, our wait will be over 5 years. It doesn't scare me....although I don't know why because it seems to scare everyone else! I just think about end times and how our time on Earth is shorter and shorter these days....and I want to help so many children.....

If I had a lot of money, I would build a big home on a nice big plot of land and adopt many children.....MANY. Daniel and I have always wanted a big family...however, my body DID NOT. Now I know why we have the desire!

So in the mean time, I really sense God revealing to me the way He is going to bring financial provision to us. When He guides, He provides!

So when you think of us and China, please pray that the leaders of China would have a change of heart, and that they would have a desire to put these orphans into our arms quickly. As long as it takes, though, we will wait!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Current Wait- 27 months...

People getting their babies now have been waiting for around 27 months. Our agency tells us this: " the current wait time is 27 to 28 months with the trend of increasing by roughly a half to a full month each month." Considering the trend, the wait time could increase to over 4 years, nearing 5. I knew this months ago.

God is in control. We think about Hope coming into our lives everyday. I think about how old our kids will be, HOW OLD I WILL BE! But nothing is an issue. God's grace is upon us and His Hand is guiding us.

Just thought I'd check in with my readers! Thank you for you support!