Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Daniel, the criminal!

Daniel had an illegal right turn show up on his police record. He is required by China to write a repentance letter for the "crime." In the letter he had to state he was sorry for breaking th law and that he will try harder to uphold the law and be a responsible driver as to not put Hope is any danger (or me, for that matter!). However, after weeks of him joking that he was NOT going to write a letter of such, our Home Study coordinator found a loophole around it and we had a police report run on him that did not include his driving record.

I was enjoying the thought of this letter so much. I was going to post it for all you to read. Sorry you missed out on that one!


Today I am mailing our dossier off to America World. From this point they will send it on to the Secretary of State and Chinese Consulate to get certified and authenticated. All we have left to do on our part is to get fingerprinted. Then we wait on the US 171-H form to arrive from the Department of Homeland Security to give us clearance to adopt.

I think about Hope everyday. If estimates of a 2 year wait are correct, then I estimate she will be conceived around November of this year. If the wait is shorter, she may be conceived by now. When you think of us, ask God to be with her and her mother for the next 2 years until we can get to her. She is truly blessed to have someone thinking of her and loving her and planing a lifetime of happiness for her even before she is born!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

sorry so long gone

Sorry I've not blogged lately. I know everyone is hanging on my every word! Daniel has been so busy (Yea!) that I don't have as much time on the computer to play since he works at home now!

We are ALMOST done with our part of the paperwork pregnancy! Our doctor's exams have held us up. We had to have physical exams and I failed the hearing exam in my right ear! It was because the room was loud and the nurse didn't know what she was doing with the machine. So because of that and Daniel having a previous surgery (tonsils taken out when he was a child) we had to get a letter written from the doctor saying he thinks we wil still be able to raise the child with these issues!

So we have gotten birth certificates, marriage license, passports, physical exams, employment verification letter, NON-employment verification letter (for me!), financial statements, application letters, and police reports all done. Our home study is now officially complete. It was lots of fun for us, I am actually sad it's over. We made trips to Stillwater and I always love road trips!

What's next for us: our dossier is now being sent to be certified by the Secretary of State. Then it will be sent to the Chinese Consulate here in the states to be authenticated. Noramally we would have to do ALL THIS which is very tedious and time consuming, and if you don't do it right, you are in trouble. But we hired a dossier assistance program to take this part over and I am very thankful! We are also waiting on our form from the government that says we are cleared to adopt. This is what everyone waits on lastly, and our was just mailed yesterday. Your home study has to be complete before you can apply for this. It is said to take around 3 months, we are hoping not!

So when we get the form back, and our dossier is certified and authenticated, we will be ready to send it to China. We pray it will all be ready by September. From that point, we will begin our WAIT, which is currently around 2 years.

We are excited to can't wait to hold Hope in our arms, no matter how long the wait is! Until our day, I will keep myself busy reading other people's blogs who are adopting, and watching their videos, which are extremely addictive! Beware if you start this, you may find yourself up till all hours of the night!