Friday, September 21, 2007


Yesterday was our fingerprint appointment in Oklahoma City. Daniel and I drove in the night before to make an overnight getaway of it, and make sure we were there on time that morning. There was a mix-up because only I had received an appointment, and not Daniel. This appointment took 2 months to get. When we got there, they wouldn't let Daniel in the building, only me. I explained my situation but you know how it goes, "Mam, I am sorry, I don't work for immigration. I only do my job. I cannot help you." It seemed as if there was NO ONE in the entire building to help me. I knew if we left there it would be forever getting back in. It was as if I was at the Pentagon or something, trying to find out secrets. I tryed to roam around just to find a breathing person to tell my sob story to and maybe get some pity, but I got caught and was escorted away.

I was already emotional for the morning after seeing a Chinese girl outside and thinking how Hope is so far away, and it is just taking SO LONG. I fear the Chinese will close their doors. They are already DRAGGING things out so much and I do not have faith in them. But I must have faith in God. He will make a way for these children to get out of China and into forever families!

Finally after realizing hope was gone, Daniel and I started home to Tulsa......MAD. Then I thought to call our adoption agency who heard my situation and confirmed that immigration is very hard to work with and get exceptions made. She made a call, and voila! we had clearance. We turned the car around and accomplished the mission....and then celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory afterwards!

So one more thing down...fingerprints. Now we wait for the form to come back (could take months), and then we will almost be done. All this work since April and the countdown hasn't even begun. It's really hard for me because it's like I am pregnant. But not for 9 months......2 or 3 years or more! How do you handle that? If I think about it everyday I get sad and wonder how I can last. But do I NOT think about her....? Impossible. I just pray that China will have a breakthrough, and clear out the orphanages! There are plenty children in orphanages right now to let all the families waiting (probably over 20,000) adopt.

We'll see....

P.S. I was going to take a photo of us standing in front of the Department of Homeland Security sign but NO CAMERAS ALLOWED.