Sunday, October 31, 2010


We cannot post a photo yet, but we are so happy to tell you that we got our referral for Qing Xiao Dan, also known as Hope Xiaodan Hook! The moment we've been waiting for since March 2007 when we applied to America World for adoption! Praise the Lord. And we received photos. She looks great. She's grown since I held her back in June. So thankful she is gaining weight even with her cleft. She is still tiny, but looks wonderful. She has fat cheeks and big alert eyes.

I am so thankful to God that she is growing good even with her cleft lip. She is spunky! Her file says she is restless, active, and extroverted. As my mom says, she will fit in perfectly with our family! LOL! She watches and studies things. Once I put her down to go pick up another baby who was crying and when I put Hope down she threw a fit arching her back! I love it!!! I love her!!! We pray we get her before her birthday on Dec. 20!

It's amazing how Daniel and I can look at a little unfocused photo of a little baby and feel so much love. And feel like she is ours. It's like there is no bonding time, no moment where we will finally love her like our other children. We already do. She is ours in our heart and in our spirit. And really always has been!

Only God can do that. Adoption is all HIS! It's HIS idea. He did it first! How could He do it? How could He call us His own? I'm so thankful He can. So thankful for Jesus. So thankful to God that He called Daniel and I to adopt these little girls. Our lives will never be the same. Their lives will never be the same!

As soon as we get our Referral Approval we can post her precious little face on here for you to see! We now are waiting for several approvals to take place before China will give us our Travel Approval telling us when to come get them! We believe it will be in December. Thank you for agreeing with us that we will get them in December.

HAPPY DAY!!!!!! We are coming little Hope!!!!! We are coming Lily!!!! We are coming!!!!