Monday, May 31, 2010

You might be adopting from China if...'ve been expecting a baby for over 3 years. know that I-600 & I-171 aren't highways.'ve "paid for" 3 citizenships, but never brought anyone into the U.S. know that "waiting for China" has nothing to do with Dillard's or dishes.
...your homestudy is followed by a number (i.e. #2 or #3 or #4).'ve been fingerprinted four times, but never committed a crime. automatically assume everyone who is expecting is having a girl. own new clothing in 3 little sizes for all 4 seasons (because you don't know when or how big). look twice when you see a lady bug. never know how many days will be in the next month. know that babies come in batches. know people who understand when you talk about 2-day months & 3-day months.
...your due date hasn't changed by days, but by years. know who the Rumor Queen is ... AND ... you don't know who she is.'ve waited so long, that they checked your fingerprints to see if they changed.
...if...while trying to understand why they're printing you again, you study your own fingerprints and wonder if fingerprints grow wrinkles.
...when you speak of "that time of month" you're talking about CC@A updates & referrals...
* You might be adopting from China if you love someone you've never met with all your heart*