Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Appointments, Appointments, Appointments!

Lots of appointments....Lily has already had four dentist appointments, and about 7 doctor appointments. Hope has had one dentist appointment (from grinding her teeth!) and a surgery and about 8 doctor appointments. They are worth every minute and every penny. This is just going to be a year of medical intervention! Hopefully once we hit our deductible we can squeeze in lots of things this year. Lily's hip surgery is being provide by Shriner's Hospital, and that is a blessing. We laugh and say that these two girls were so low maintenance and non expensive in the Big O and now they are racking up bills right and left! I am thankful for a hard working, long hour working husband who loves these girls as if I gave birth to them!

Hope's nose and mouth has been healing great. Then one day after a nap (even with her No-Nos) on, I realized she had managed to brush away the last of the scab under her nose. It revealed a small hole that looked scary and it seemed to be leaking something. So I emailed photos to Dr. Barcelo, and he said to be safe we should come in the next day. So off we went at the drop of a hat to Dallas. Adri went with me and drove the whole way so I could help entertain the girls. Hope was getting so mad at wearing the arm restraints! She just wants to suck her thumb so bad. Dr. Barcelo said we should try to break the habit but that precious little thumb is all she had for 14 months and I am feeling really sympathetic towards her!

Lily got to experience Chuck E. Cheese's. Or as she calls him, CHUNKY CHEESE! I wish I could post the video but I don't know how yet. She was terrified of the giant mouse, but is able to laugh about it now and watches the video of her reaction over and over again! Hope had to get a read on the games there and do some yoga. She said the carpet didn't smell good.

We also had to go back again for another appointment...so basically three times since the surgery three weeks ago. Today she got the tube out of her nose that was holding the nostril's shape. She looks so great.

Lily and Hope went to Robert's class again to show the kids how Hope's face looks after surgery. They were very interested. Lily loves it and says she wants to go to school. Good thing, because she is starting in August!

They wore their Chinese outfits. Hope had to come home and do yoga in Daddy's office!

When Rob scooted over and she sat down in his chair with him, all the little second grade girls went, "Awwwwwww!"

After our Dallas appointment we stopped at my sister Christina's house for the night.
Lily flew a kite for the first time in her life at Uncle Andy and Aunt "Tuna's" house (Tina's)!

Happiest with daddy!

Lily filled out her offering envelope at church and put in a quarter!

Easter! I think Lily must think life is just one party after another....and actually for her it is! She loved hunting eggs, loved getting chocolate, but didn't eat any! She doesn't like chocolate....so I ate it all!

Snuggling with big sister at night. She loves TV, Lily couldn't care less.

Lily got an abscess tooth in a cavity she had filled (ka-ching) so we had to get the tooth pulled (ka-ching). I felt so bad for her. She woke up in the night really crying about it. It was horrible. But luckily it was a baby tooth! We are hoping we can salvage her adult teeth! They are pretty bad though. Sweet Lily!

Xrays....again. She is so patient. Bless her heart!


Johnny's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's. Hope immediately had to hit the downward dog pose. She said the place wasn't very peaceful!

Winnie the Pooh!

This is her tough girl face! We will beg her to do it and she will just play with us, teases us and not doing it. But Rob will walk up and she immediately does it to him!

These No-No's are a constant stress for Hope! She tries to hide them from us but we find them! I had them on while taking Phoebe to piano lessons. When I got out to get her out I was greeted by this face, as she held the No-No!

They told me she can take them off but Dr. Barcelo wants me to break her of sucking her thumb! UGH She has cried more over the No-No's than the pain of the surgery! I am about ready to throw the No-No's out the window!

Hope's look-a-like, and brilliant surgeon, Dr. Carlos Raul Barcelo! I told him that we think she looks like him. I don't think he knew what to think about it.....probably that we are crazy!

My little independent Chinese scrap! Daniel taught her to say, "I'm a scrap!" in China! She is just so much tinier that I remembered last summer. She asked me if she could wash clothes yesterday and when I said yes she squealed, "Sank u Mommy!"

These are the shoes the wonderful folks at Shriner's and my BFF from my hometown sent for Lily. Amazingly, this lift helps balance her out since her legs are different lengths. Hopefully after surgery she will not have the leg length difference. But her hip surgery isn't until after her other surgery.

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