Sunday, May 22, 2011

Artificial Twins!

In adoption communities when you bring an adopted child home that is the same age as a child you already have the word artificial twinning is used. Some agencies do not think this is a good idea as it will produce too much stress on the parents.

May I present to you....Johnny and Lily.....artificial twins!

Immediately in China we realized that there was a connection. Now, let me remind you that Lily is Johnny's big sister although Johnny will not agree to that. And Lily is almost 3 years older. But you couldn't tell Lily that either! She couldn't care less about age and doesn't understand it. Before we went to China Phoebe and I just assumed and were excited about the fact that Lily would love us and want to be just like us! We imagined her admiring our long hair, Phoebe's fancy pretty room, etc.! We quickly realized that we were last on her list of favorites in China (which has changed now and is at a healthy balance) and she just wanted Johnny and Daddy!

And although Phoebe and Lily have developed a good relationship now and Lily wants to sleep with her almost every night and she likewise to me, loves me and responds favorably, she still prefers the boys more. And when it comes to play time, she's stuck to Johnny!

These two will fight and complain to me and Husband about each other, but then be right back with each other getting into mischief. When we first came home from China Daniel was trying to get Lily to say she loved each member of the family....and she got to Johnny and wouldn't! It was quite funny because we know that she loves to be with him! It really is like a REAL brother sister relationship. Like TWINS! In fact we call them the twins when they are together.

I have to admit, Johnny is the most fun. He pushes the limits, thinks of things to do no one else would have, and is always making a big MESS! So she did pick a good pal! And it really makes me happy to see them together. I am so happy for Lily. Her new life is one fun day after the next. Always wanting to know what we are doing, who is going in the car, and where everyone else will be. She takes inventory constantly!

Lily will start K-4 next year and Johnny will be in first grade. But I wonder if quickly after Lily learns a bit more if she might advance to first grade and stick there as she grows. It would be nice to have Johnny to look after her and watch her back. I know he would.

(Lily and Johnny eating watermelon together)

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