Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me

These are my kids. I did not give birth to them all, but they are all 100% my kids. I love them all differently yet the same! Daniel and I say almost every day what would we do without Lily and Hope! God has given us so much love for these two children I did not give birth to. It's easy to love them. Easy.

I think about this little boy at the orphanage.

He's around 12 years old. He doesn't have a mother. He needs one....bad. His birthday is coming up. The orphanage said they didn't even register him to be adopted because no one would want him. That means he never has really had a chance...unless someone knows he is there and fights for him. There are so many children that need a mother so very badly. Maybe you have tried for years and spent thousands of dollars trying to conceive. Maybe you have children already but are feeling a pull to adoption. GO FOR IT! They need a mother so bad! If you have the desire to adopt, what are you waiting for? God put that in you for a divine purpose and you won't be able to shake it. Adoption is life changing. Not just for the child. But it has changed my family. My extended family as well. I see God's love for us different now. I cannot describe to you the beauty of it all. The love I feel for Hope and Lily and how it makes me love God more. It's like no matter how much extra "work" I have to do with them, I never regret it, get tired of them, or want a pity party (like I did after my first child!). Adoption is not just good, it's God!

Lily told me that when she was born her mother didn't want her and didn't love her and didn't hold and kiss her. She told me that her mother threw her on the ground (she had a mean face on her when she said this). This is what the orphanage mommas told her. Well, I don't believe that. Because if that were true then her mother would have thrown her in the trash or in a field, not wrapped her in a blanket and left her at the steps of the orphanage just before dawn. Her mother loved her enough to take her where she would be found and given a chance at life. And if Hope and Lily's biological mother could see them today.....they would know they had made the right decision.

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