Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hope update

Hope had her cleft lip surgery three weeks ago. She has recovered perfectly. We will have the cleft palate surgery in about four weeks! She is blossoming more and more everyday. When we put her in her crib now she screams! I love it! She has learned that people are loving and fun!!!

She cannot chew or suck on anything hard so we have butchered most of her toys with teethers on them so that she can still have the parts she loves that are ok! She smiles pretty, but her lip is stiff and you cannot see her top teeth at all when she smiles. I have tried to see the teeth but cannot. When I lean her way back I can tell that the palate has already moved into proper place just since the lip surgery when Dr. Barcelo attached gum muscles (whatever that means). I am amazed at her nose, and how proportional it is. I liked her before, I like her now, I'd like her however the surgery turned out.

We still miss her big wide smile. All the members of the family mourn it and we talk about it as if we had a choice and we have to convince ourselves we made the right one! Then we laugh and say of course we had to fix her lip!!!! I cannot explain how much we loved her the way we got her. I've heard many adoptive parents echo this! Precious!

She sleeps great and eats great. Still only eating bottles, but I put baby food in each bottle. Since she cannot put her tongue to the roof of her mouth she cannot swallow well. She acts like she's gagging if I try to feed her baby food with a spoon. So I'm just waiting till after the surgery.

She nods her head side to side and up and down. She makes sweet sounds. She loves to look at her pretty self in the mirror. She still flicks and checks people's hair for split ends. She loves to party! She doesn't like to take naps anymore in the car. She said she slept enough in the Big O!

Hope says if anyone wants a referral, she has lots of friends in the Big O that she can recommend! Don't you want a baby???

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