Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Daniel, the criminal!

Daniel had an illegal right turn show up on his police record. He is required by China to write a repentance letter for the "crime." In the letter he had to state he was sorry for breaking th law and that he will try harder to uphold the law and be a responsible driver as to not put Hope is any danger (or me, for that matter!). However, after weeks of him joking that he was NOT going to write a letter of such, our Home Study coordinator found a loophole around it and we had a police report run on him that did not include his driving record.

I was enjoying the thought of this letter so much. I was going to post it for all you to read. Sorry you missed out on that one!


twingirlsmom said...

Aw, what a jip! I was looking forward to that one too!

miphatname said...

OH MY!!!! I COULD NEVER GET A KID, with my driving record!!!! i would be apologizing on paper for the next 25 yrs for all the motor laws i've broken!!!!