Monday, August 20, 2007

Nothing to do but wait

For so long I had so much to do and think about. Now, we are waiting. Currently, we are waiting on our fingerprint appointment and our 171-H form to be sent back to us. The dossier cannot be authenicated without these things. Bummer....

Saturday I went to Panera Bread for a baby shower for a friend and ran into the Tulsa Families with Children from China group having a shower for someone who is about to go to China to get her little girl! It was so fun and I am so excited about getting involved in their group. We are also going to get involved in our church's adoption cell group. So even though Hope is maybe 2 years away from us, we will be making new friends and thinking of her as we enjoy the families around us with adopted children!

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coco said...


Thanks for sending your link to your blog. I just god done reading your post from the beginning to current. You need to post a picture of your family now in the "waiting" stage.

Look forward to meeting you at a Mom's Night Out at our FCC get-togethers. There is one August 28th.

What part of Tulsa do you live in?

Colette Walker