Thursday, September 9, 2010

How much we have left to pay...

It's hard to believe we are in the last stage of our adoptions! Many people are interested in the costs of adoption so I thought I'd post our expenses.

Here is what we've already paid:
Program and application fee to our agency- $6,250
Home Study and to update it twice because of the long wait- $2,200
USCIS Fee and Fingerprinting (twice)- $1,660
Notarization, Certification, & Authorization of documents- $500
Post Adoption Report Deposit- $1,000
Dossier Assistance Program- $1,200
Dossier Service and Translation- $1,075
Referral Translation Fee- $325
Passports for five- $500
Doctors fees for physicals and updates- $500
Trip to China to find Hope (and found Lily too!)- $3,500
Miscellaneous costs of travel for home study, fingerprints, birth certificates, etc.- $500

Total we have already paid so far- $19,210

Here is what we have left:
Required money needed for Hope in China (which includes orphanage donation, medical tests, Chinese passport, US visa, administrative fees)- $7,500
Same Required money for Lily- $7,500
Visas for all five of us and courier fees- $850
Plane Tickets for us- $7,000
Plane Tickets for Lily and Hope- $1,200
Travel package for us (in country flights to Langzhou and Guangzhou, some meals, guides, transportation and tipping)- $7,000
Spending money for our family (extra meals, emergency)- $1,500

Total we have to go is $32,000

Someone has offered to pay Lily's entire amount needed of $7,500 WE GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY!
so after that and what we have received into our adoption account through gracious supporters...

We now have around $19,000 left to pay within a couple of months.

We are standing in faith for the rest of the finances and that we will be able to take Phoebe, Rob, and Johnny with us to China. Adoption is expensive but so worth it. It's all the details and documents and travel. God has put the desire and joy in us to accept these girls into our family. We can afford to raise them. It's just the huge amount of money needed to get them! Going by myself to get them isn't an option anymore since we are adopting Lily and Hope.

Will you pray that we will have all we need when we need it? With travel nearing (maybe in two months) we will need to start purchasing tickets perhaps in a month from now.

God is faithful.

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alisa said...

Asking God to bless Lily's angel....