Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A cake for Lily and her friends!

We are sending this cake to Lily so that she can celebrate her new family with her friends! Can you imagine the fun?! We were able to include a short note with it:

To Ning Li,

LiLi, do you remember me? I wore the pink hat the nannies gave me when we came to visit. I am your momma now. I will always be your momma. You have a daddy now, too. He loves you so much and wants to meet you! You have a big sister Phoebe. And 2 brothers Robert and Johnny! LiLi, we are so happy to be your new family! We are coming to get you soon and bring you home to America to live with us forever! We have a room for you in our home with pink walls and toys and clothes. We have pretty dresses and shoes for you. And a baby doll that is just for you! You can go to school and learn and play. You can prepare foods to eat with me! We will teach you how to swim! You are part of our family now and will be forever! Please tell your friends that I miss and love them too. I think about all of you everyday. We are coming for you LiLi!!!! We are so excited! We love you with our big hearts! Enjoy the cake! Give all the nannies a hug for me.

From, Renee and Daniel Hook, your new Momma and Daddy

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Sara Smith said...

Can't stop looking at this cake and crying. Amy with that pink hat on is what makes me cry.