Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BabyCakes featuring HopeCakes & LilyCakes!

Now you have an excuse to eat cupcakes! For years people have told me I should sell my cupcakes. They go on and on. I don't know what the big deal is....but I decided to do it since we are about 2 months away from our trip and about a month away from needing to buy plane tickets and we still need the finances. So here goes! By the way, the LilyCake is white cake, white icing. Its the one that started it all...so I recommend it.

These are LilyCakes! I am making them to help raise money for our trip to China!

Husband made this fancy card for me.


This is my faithful friend Wendy who is helping me! And she provided the cute aprons!

We got orders for over 20 dozen the first weekend!

This is a HopeCake. Chocolate, like Hope's hair. LOL

And this is pink strawberry. Just because I like pink. Plus, it has real strawberries in it to make you feel good about eating it!

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Melissa said...

Hi Amy!

I work with Kim Brown @ the Tulsa world. I would love to place an order with you! You can contact me @ melissa.bashaw@tulsaworld.com

Thank you!