Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Betty?

Words Lily says funny:

Gulls and Buoys- girls and boys
Fluer- floor
sank you...then turned into dank you- thank you (one day I gave something to Rob and he said, SANK YOU MOMMY!)
Looderbeck, then turned into Lutherbeck- her teacher's name...she doesn't say Mrs. though! Just Lutherbeck!
Chicken- instead of KITCHEN... hey's it's close, right
wha...instead of what
PeePee dog instead of Puppy dog
Baby dog instead of Baby doll (LOL!)
Yak- for Zach
Uncle Tuna for Aunt Tina (HAHAHA...that's my sister! and she is nothing close to a smelly fish!)
Mommy, can I check?-- Mommy, can I text? seriously...she likes to text Husband
YOU BETTY? instead of you ready? ( this is my favorite. i think me and Husband will say this forever!!)

she used to say filler words like Doosy (who knows) for a while...she said doosy all the time while she thought of the next work.

she likes to wear socks ALL the time. and she wants to wear a hoodie all the time, even when it's not hot. this isn't too far off from the behavior of my (EXTREMELY PERFECTLY NORMAL--wink) son Johnny!

she still doesn't care for sugar or milk. she doesn't like oatmeal or malt o meal. she loves chicken and meat and ANYTHING POTATO! she eats more than anyone at the table, including Husband.

she loves to get HOT LUNCH at school. this happens when I am too tired to make lunch or didn't get to the store last night. The first time she came home talking about how she got TWO HOT LAWNCH! and I quickly had to shut that down or we would be broke! I already have one kid addicted to hot lunch draining the bank account. Plus she was drinking chocolate milk, which we can tell milk products make her, musical, so we try to avoid them at all costs!

Husband and I saw this ad in the mall at Banana Republic. It reminds us of how Lily asks us, You Betty? instead of Are you ready?!

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