Thursday, September 22, 2011

Surgery Time Soon for Lily

Well, Lily can hardly contain the smiles and's time for her surgery! Bless her heart, I am sure she doesn't know exactly what surgery really is but I am not about to crush her excitement and tell her she will feel lousy! She only knows that surgery is what Hope had and she was the STAR OF THE FAMILY for those times! So she knows it's her time to shine!

Surgery is a word Lily learned very quick. It was one of her first words. She knew Hope was going to go to surgery to get her mouth fixed. And she saw how wonderful it turned surgery must be fabulous! Surgery is what Lily judges everything against in the timeframe of her life. Back in March, how to I explain time to a kid that to our knowledge had NO UNDERSTANDING of days of the week and months and years. So she's say, "Lily surgery, then school? Lily school, then surgery? Lily surgery then birthday? Lily surgery then Disneyworld?"

In fact the other day we were talking about God. I know she doesn't understand, but she likes this GUY!! So I said, Lily don't you want to meet God...this wonderful person who has done so much for you?? (She knows God told us to get her!) She said, YES YES! And I said, One day Lily you will get to meet Him face to face and you can hug Him and tell Him thank you for telling us to come get you! And she got quite, made a thinking face, looked down then back up and said, "Lily surgery then meet God?" I chuckled and said, No no no....not after surgery! A LONNNNNNNNG time from now!

So it's surgery time on next Thursday. Me and Lily and Hope and my sister Christina head out to Cincinnati Children's Hospital on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday Lily will have appointments and MRIs and Xrays and such. Wednesday she gets admitted into the hospital. Thursday she has her surgery. Then Husband and Po will go home and me and Lily will stay in the hospital for 7-10 days while she recovers. I am looking forward to special bonding time with me and Lily but totally dreading not seeing my other kids for such a long timeframe!!! : (

But these two weeks are gonna be about Lily getting her time to SHINE!

We are so grateful to have THE BEST surgeon for this specialty in America to perform Lily's operation. His name is Dr. Pena and he "wrote the book" on the procedure used to correct the area that the surgery in China when she was an infant failed to do. It will be a relief and blessing to us and Lily to have this surgery done correctly. I am sad Lily had to wait 10 years to have this done properly. She has a lot of blessing and joy ahead of her in her life to make up for lost years.

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Letha said...

Keep us informed how she is doing! Saying lots of prayers for both of you!!