Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photo time!

Lily put on Rob's baseball belt to create this stylish outfit. She gets cuter everyday. She's never had her hair this long in her life! The orphanage always kept it buzzed. She loves it and cannot wait till she can "sake" it (shake it)!

Po learning to climb stairs at my sister's house. This photo captures how her personality has all of a sudden turned or come alive! She is wild!

I love this photo of Lily. She is such a beautiful little girl. When I see this photo I think of OPPORTUNITY! She never had the opportunity to go to school for 9 years...and now look at her! She loves school. She loves learning. I bet her brain grows every minute. Maybe that's where all the food goes she eats!!!


When we first got Lily just 7 months ago we had to teach her how to smile. We would point a camera at her and say, "Lily, say SMILE!" and she would say smile with a frown on her face. It's like her mouth wasn't used to moving into the smile position. Look at this smile! No prompting necessary! She's caught on. Smiling is FUN!

Preciousness again...I like to say precious is a verb for Po. That's what she does all day long...preciousness!

9 years old and never ridden in a walmart buggy!!! Tragic! She loves it so much! She fits easily. The lines are blurred between age 3 and 10 for her. When it comes to riding in the buggy, she can be whatever age she wants! And she missed out on all the baby and toddler stuff. When she asked to sit in the buggy she kinda got embarrassed like we were gonna say, oh no, that's for babies and Lily is not a baby (which we say occasionally). But I said YES to this and she couldn't contain her joy!!!!!!!!

Phoebe, my oldest, kissing Po thru the car window after her piano lesson. Po responds by putting her forehead to her lips...something she has done with Phoebe since the beginning! It's preciousness!

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