Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun with photo collages! : )

I need to go to sleep, but I got a new app and I am having fun!

Look at this! The first photo is of Lily around September of last year at the orphanage. They had just started letting her hair grow for the first time in her life because they knew she had a family now! The newspaper photo is the required posting of abandoned children's photos in the local newspaper to give their moms a chance to claim them.... sad. Lily looks so sad and lonely. I think she is less than a year old here but I HAVE NO IDEA. The next one of Lily in a yellow coat is from around when she was 5. I know this because she is walking or at least standing in the photo and they said she did not do that until she was almost 5 years old. Ugh, her little face. Whenever I am tempted to lose patience with Lily I remember this photo! I have it framed in our living room and in my room. I wish we could've gotten her years ago. For Lily's sake and for my heart's sake. She already has the giant scar on her forehead that we don't know how she got it....Again, she looks SOOOOOO sad, doesn't she. Her eyes, her's all frowning! And then last, Lily NOW!!!!! Praise GOD!!!!!!!!!

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