Monday, February 28, 2011

Wed. Feb. 23- Consulate Appointment

Wednesday- Consulate Appointment Day

Today we have the infamous CONSULATE APPOINTMENT. This is the appointment that has to be made and determines when we traveled to China. We took the van downtown to an important looking building. The moment we entered we started seeing many American couples with their Chinese babies. We had to go through security and such. Just seeing the signs "American Consulate" brought joy and a feeling of safeness to me. I felt like someone on a movie who finally made their way to the American Embassy where they were finally safe from the mean guys chasing them!!

Adri and I dreamed of what they should add to the American Consulate. They should pass out American snacks, they should have themed rooms (i.e. the California Room where ocean sounds play and it smells like suntan oil, the Louisiana Room where they serve gumbo, etc.) We were so lonely for America that the dreams kept flowing!

We entered a large room that Adri affectionately called the DMV room where rows of chairs held happy looking American couples and families with their babies, who mostly had cleft lips and such. One couple their was adopting their FIFTH girl! Here was the moment we had waited for...the swear (as the Chinese guides called it).
So we all stood at once, every mom and dad, about 20 or so, and held our hand and said a bunch of important stuff that I cannot remember. At the end everyone celebrated.

We went outside and snapped the photo that you may have seen with our hands in the air. FUN!

We went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Just walked right out of of hotel and it wasn't far away. Phoebe and Lily ate steak. The rest of us pizza. Mmmm. The restaurant is super fancy looking. I think it's maybe the young people that think it's fun to come to American restaurants. The older people prefer the local unidentifiable food. Although I ate a lot of it the first week, after two kids had diarrhea we were done with the adventure and just wanted to TRY to eat safe. I really do enjoy and appreciate the Chinese dishes. While they are nothing like Panda Express, Pei Wei, or PF Changs, I was glad to eat what they eat and be grateful for the experience. It was just that we had had enough experience and were thankful for Pizza Hut!

Some restaurants had one go-to person that new enough broken English where they could be called upon when we needed things like forks, more napkins, or hot water.

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