Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, Feb 14- Valentine's Day, the day we legally have the girls!

Today is Valentine’s Day! Today is the day that our adoption will be finalized. Today is the day they are legally ours forever! Valentines Day! YAY!!! Best gift ever! While all of you were getting chocolate and fancy dates I got Hope and Lily! Thanks Husband! : )

Our hotel is fabulous. All my friends who had previously adopted in this city had stayed at the JJ Sun hotel. After hearing dreadful stories about the hotel and asking them to please tell our agency, we were placed in the luxurious Landison Lanzhou Hotel. And it was great! Clean, fancy, pretty. I cannot say enough good things about it. The rest of Lanzhou seems smoggy, smoky, drab and cold. Our hotel was everything opposite. Thank you America World.

We have a luxurious breakfast (included with our room) of noodles!, Udon noodles and famous Lanzhou stretchy noodles! I have video of the amazing process of making these noodles! WOW. Fun fun fun! And Adri was addicted to these noodle bowls (glorified ramen noodles) made right before your eyes. We ate rice congee, fried rice, yogurt and fruit for breakfast each day this week.

After this we went to a government office to do all the official paperwork for around 3 hours. We talked with the orphanage directors.

We signed papers, etc. And Lily had to say goodbye to the people she has known as her caretakers for 9 years. I honestly think they were sadder than her.

Although she cried, she is very compassionate, and after they left, she has never showed one bit of grief. Which could be bad. But I just think she is having so much fun with us she hasn’t had time to remember the old life. The assistant director told me that they were very concerned Lily would have a hard time because when she left the orphanage (or Big O as we now all call it) her friends cried hard. But then when she got to Lanzhou and had to wait for HOURS on our bus to arrive she told the assistant director she was scared we weren’t coming!

Lily is adjusting easily. So is Hope. Everything I thought it would be it has been. There was no crying, no breakdowns, no jealousy yet. It’s all good. Lily is having a blast. Hope is getting stronger each day. She can sit up but is wobbly. She is starting to crawl. Hope is easy and easy going. The hardest part about Hope is remembering all the things she needs. Like bottles, liners, diapers, food, etc. It seems everyday I forget something and have to borrow from other families. I feel like such a irresponsible mom. Husband is great and supportive. But I feel ridiculous! One day I forget her food. One day her bottles, etc! It is very hard to get 5 kids up and dressed and remember everything. I am still learning. Ugh!

One day Johnny was taking a shower and Lily busted through the bathroom door to go potty. After she finished she undressed and jumped in the shower with Johnny! We were laughing. Johnny was a little taken back. But we said, oh well, they are siblings now! They play together wild! Johnny and Lily….we call them the TWINS! They play wild and rough and silly and they both love it!

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