Monday, February 28, 2011

Sat, Feb. 19- Medical Appointments

Saturday- So our rooms are so nice and big. And we have a bathtub which we didn’t have in Lanzhou. Lily loves the bathtub. She is so self sufficient. She washes her baby dolls clothes in the sink with soap and wrings them out and hangs them to dry. She takes Hope’s dirty diapers and puts them in the trash. She is very good at brushing her teeth and bathing herself. I am not sure how many baths she had in her life. Her teeth look like they are in good shape considering. She is such a happy girl. She and Johnny wrestle and laugh and play. She gets this serious look on her face like shes really mad and wrestles with him. Jumps on him, everything. I’ll think oh I hope she doesn’t get hurt! But the girl can take care of herself! And as soon as they are done she turns to us and flashes a big grin and gives us the thumbs up! We use thumbs up a lot. It’s our number one way to communicate. When you try to tell her other stuff she just repeats it like a parrot. “Lily are you ok?” then she would say, “Lily are you ok?” so we just do the thumbs up all the time.

We tells her we love her all the time, but I’ve learned those are just words that aren’t even necessary. She KNOWS love and feels love from us by the way we treat her. We really hug and kiss her a lot. She likes to kiss us on the cheek and she loves to give Daniel Eskimo kisses.

So today we had our medical appointments. That means we had to take Lily and Hope to see a doctor to get approved to leave China and enter America. The doctor looked at Lily’s medical records and asked us if we knew everything that was wrong with her. It’s like they want to make sure we have no surprises. We said yes. He asked if we knew she was deaf. We told him she wasn’t’deaf, and he was shocked the medical records were wrong. We told him her records had been wrong for years. What a shame. Poor Lily. Maybe looked over time and time before because her records were so scary and so wrong!

We have noticed that the vaginal fistula Lily had surgically repaired when she was a baby will need another surgery to re-repair it. We are so thankful we can get this fixed for her as she is 9 years old and probably tired of dealing with this. We also have noticed that one of her hips is out of place. This causes her to kind of limp. When she runs she looks off balance. I don’t think she has ever run a lot. To my knowledge, she may have never been outside much in her life. So she gets really tired when we’ve been walking around. She will whine for Daddy to pick her up. Don’t know if it’s because she’s hurting or tired or because she’s a little girl who wants her way.

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