Monday, February 28, 2011

Thursday Feb 10, LEAVING FOR CHINA

Travel Day! We are so thankful to Paul Meuniot, Russell Prewitt, and James Roberts for getting us to the airport in all the snow! What a day to leave for China after Tulsa has received record snowfall in the past week! Praise God we never missed a connection, We scarfed down burgers in Seattle as our plane was boarding knowing it would be our last American meal for a while!

The flight to China was good. Husband did great. Adri did great. Rob turned to husband before the plane took off and said, “Daddy, I gotta feeling this is gonna be a great 12 hour flight” in his classic optimist attitude, and he was right. He did great. Rob barely slept the whole time. Johnny and Phoebe both had near breakdowns because they were so tired and needed to stretch out so I put Phoebe on the floor under mine and Johnny’s seats and I gave my seat up for Johnny to stretch out. I spent hours walking around the plane and praying for my feet! They puffed up like I was pregnant! It scared me so bad. I felt trapped. I started thinking how we are so far away from any place to land, what if my feet bust (I’m sure I was delirous) or what if Phoebe cant breathe! Adri assured me it was just due to flying but I don’t remember my feet doing that last summer. I drank tons of water but then I thought maybe I should drink coke to act as a diuretic. So then I started drinking coke. Needless to say I didn’t sleep a wink and was so thankful to finally get off the plane.

The Beijing airport is fun. We couldn’t believe we were really in China! The kids were great the whole trip! We got to our hotel room and were thankful for beds to sleep on…even if they were hard as a rock. And I mean that literally. It’s like a dining room table with a comforter on top. The Chinese say it promotes health. While I am sure that is true, to Americans used to their termperpedic mattress, the Chinese beds promote sleepless nights!

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