Monday, April 18, 2011

Who does Hope remind you of?

We have been laughing over here because Hope's new look has taken us all aback. We love her so much any way but had all gotten very used to her big "hole in her face" as Johnny affectionately named it. We had read blogs of friends who had sad and confusing feelings once seeing the new repaired face of their child. We prepared ourselves for it, but still, we were so used to her looking one way.

We cannot say enough great things about Dr. Barcelo and the International Craniofacial Institute You should go to their site and look at the before and afters of children! Amazing!!!! We are so thankful to God that He led us here through Erin Edwards and Kristen Wills!

So since Hope has her new look we have said she reminds us of three different "people."

First, is her surgeon, Dr. Barcelo! Seriously! He has such a kind face!

Next is....

And finally....

Who do you think she looks most like??

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Grandmommy said...

She looks like Dr. Barcelo!! So thankful for him!