Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the road again

Husband, the three girls and me are on the road to Dallas for Hope's cleft lip surgery at Medical City tomorrow! They will repair her palate a month or so from now. We are happy about her finally getting the attention she needs but all sad to say goodbye to the precious "flaps" that are her upper lip right now! All the kids are a but concerned about the surgery because we've all gotten so used to the way she looks now and we think she is so cute. We've actually had to have discussions about how this surgery is necessary for her to eat. She's just so adorable and precious!

I've seen and read that quite often it takes a while to get used to your baby's new look so we will see tomorrow. So grateful she's out of the orphanage and getting loving care now!

I'll post surgery photos tomorrow! Will u please pray that her surgery is not postponed due to her runny nose and that the surgery goes as planned? Thanks so much.

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Amy said...

Will be praying for your sweet Hope and Mommy and Daddy as well :)