Monday, April 4, 2011

Hope, the family toy

Little Hope is like the family toy or pet. Everyone wants her. Everyone wants to squeeze her, touch her, kiss her, play with her, get her out of crib! It's so precious! Even Johnny says things like, "Oh, she's just so cute!" She is SO EASY. I am grateful she is so easy and so easy going. It gives me more time and energy to focus on Lily. I feel like bonding with Lily is way more important at this point. Hope seems to have bonded with me great. I wonder if she even remembers the orphanage. She seldom cries, except when we put her down to bed. She is a party girl! She loves to be awake! Sometimes I will go get her after her naptime and wonder if she went to sleep at all.

She loves strings and ribbons. She pulls up and stands in her crib now! And when Husband had her hands at church yesteday, she started taking steps! I am not sure if her feet are big enough to support her weight! TINY FEET! She's outgrowing her baby car seat. Time to get her a new one. She eats great. This week I have to start trying to feed her with a Dixie cup or something to get her used to her food coming out of something other than a bottle since the surgery is NEXT WEEK! Hard to believe that her lip will look pretty normal next week! She has a cold this week which could postpone the surgery if she is not well so we are trying not to kiss her. Yeah right!

Hope loves to do yoga. Anywhere. In the crib. Living room. Outside in the grass. She loves to feel the new textures on her head! She likes to put her head on the dishwasher, the refrigerator, rocks, anything! It's like she puts her forehead up to something to get a reading of some sort! It's really really funny. And she still does this little flick with her hand to her head. We think she does it when she is confused or in deep thought about something. In China she was giving the flick all day everyday. The doctor who did her medical exam in China got 3 flicks in a row! It will be a sad sad day when the flick is gone forever. We are trying to get it on video and photos all we can! She already doesn't cross her fingers as much as she did. Now she has real toys and doesn't have to play with her fingers as much.

Lily loves Hope. There is absolutely zero jealousy between her and Hope. I am so grateful that she knew and loved Hope before we got them. Lily is a good big sister. Hope knows her so well and loves her too. Hope loves everybody. I took her to the dentist one day because her mouth was bleeding. The dentist even fell in love with her. She looks at you with her big black eyes. She is so precious. I wish her mother could see her now. She would be sad she didn't have her but I bet she'd think she made the right decision to give her up because look where she is now! She will never have to endure what Lily went through. She will forget the orphanage forever. She will only know love and nurture and acceptance.

We are so blessed to have them both. So so blessed.


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