Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why have this website?

We are so excited to share this wonderful news with everyone! This website is the our journey to bring Hope home! By now if you are reading this, you already have heard this great news. I wanted to share a bit more of our story with you about how we came to this decision and where we are in the process. To some of you, this must be a complete shock. But to a few of you, you know how my heart has always been drawn to adoption.

After we made the decision I started looking online for more information. I came upon hundreds and hundreds of websites, blogs, if you will (I don't like the word blog!), just like this one that tells the family's story of adopting their child. At first, I didn't understand why. I didn't make a website for my children. But then again, times have changed, and I thought maybe it was the thing to do. But the more I read these adoption websites, the more excited I got. If we hadn't already made the decision to adopt by then, reading their stories would have sealed the deal!

So the purpose of this website is firstly, to keep you updated on our process. We are expecting. It's a longer wait than 9 months, but the excitement is there. Just as with my pregnancies when I thought about the baby and preparing for it, I am in that stage now. And secondly, I wanted to share this journey with you because I really feel that God wants to use it to introduce others to adoption and see this miracle in their own lives. So here goes, this is our journey to Hope!

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pennywork said...

We are so happy for you'll. God is in control! You know the verse "He who has started a GREAT work......." He will guide you each step of the way, open doors and windows that have never been open, If each day we give Him control! Love you very Much! "Your Dads Sister"( I KNOW he is so proud of each of you GIRLS! We already Love HOPE! Aunt Penny