Friday, April 13, 2007

China Doll

So how did we choose China? Years ago, when Daniel and I used to speak of adoption, I would always see a girl from the Russian orphanages in my mind. Daniel said, "Mmm, that's funny, because I have always seen a little girl from China." I had never thought of adopting from China before that moment, but since then, I've never thought of anything else!

So after that I researched china adoptions and was amazed to find out how many little girls are abandoned the day after they are born and left to die because of China's "one child per family" rule and the people's desire to have a boy over a girl. Over the years, the more I read and saw, it was not just a desire to choose China, but a must.

And so our little Chinese baby girl awaits us. We believe right now, she is in her mother's womb. We pray for the mother that she is healthy and at peace. We pray that God would speak to her about us adopting her baby and giving her a future. We pray that Hope is perfectly formed as the days go by. We know that God has chosen her for our family. For me, for Daniel, for Phoebe Grace, for Rob, for Johnny, for Sol, for Linda, for my mom, for Joe, for Hayley, for Steven, for Ryan, for Jamey, for Christina, for Chantel, for Andy, for Tim, for Meggie, for Neilson, for Wesley, for Zach, for Jakey...get the picture! We believe! And we can't wait!

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