Tuesday, June 21, 2011

random photo time

the "twins" sleeping in Lily's bed

the "twins" eating their favorite snack

PoPo in her flattering bubble suit

PoPo and her hair

Hope in the cap she wore on Gotcha Day. We love it!

Toughness runs in the family

Monkeys in her cage!

Lily's baby XioaMei had surgery too!

Hope feels most secure with Husband in the water.

Hope loves her daddy

Hope teaching yoga

Hope didn't let her arm restraints keep her outta the trash!

Baseball fun

She's not afraid of the water at all!

Hope didn't like sleeping with her no nos. We tried to hide them under her onesie. She cried so hard this night she must've collapsed on this pillow! It made me sad but I snapped this photo because it's so funny!

Hope loved Incredible Pizza!

Lily cutting her barbie doll's hair!

it's a small girl after all

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