Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Timeline to Come

Here's what's next for us:

1. REFERRAL We will receive a referral for Hope. Hopefully soon!

2. ELECTRONIC ACCEPTANCE- we tell them we want her!

the time in between these can be around 2-4 weeks

3. PRE-APPROVAL or PA- i think this means we are pre approved! LOL i really don't know!!!

4. REFERRAL ACCEPTANCE- RA or referral acceptance will when someone at the CCAA looks over our dossier and says that we can officially proceed with the adoption of our little one. At this point our referral was official and we are allowed to show Hope's photo, share her information, and send her a care package! She will know she is ours!!!!

the time in between these can take 3 months! but we are not going to wait that long in Jesus' Name! : )

5. TA or travel acceptance- once we get this we will be able to start our travel plans

the time in between these can be super short like 2 weeks or longer like a few months

6. GOTCHA DAY- the day we actually get our hands on HOPE!

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