Thursday, June 7, 2007

Special meeting in Beijing...

Here is an update on China: they are WAY behind, as I've said before. Current wait time is around 2 years. People are getting their babies that were logged in to China in November 2005. And we are not even logged in yet! So this is making China look bad, and they don't like to look bad! Especially with the Olympics coming up in Beijing next year.

We heard they had a special meeting in Beijing to discuss how to get more babies ready for adoption. Currently, not ALL the orphanages in China adopt babies out. Only certain ones that have prepared paperwork on the babies. Now, they are running out of babies in these orphanages! They need more babies ready! Praise the Lord. We are sending a message to them...we want your precious babies that you don't want!

So here is my THEORY....Something is going to happen, a miracle from God. And lots of people are going to be hired to get paperwork on thousands of babies and they are going to catch back up. I do not believe it will take 2-3 years to get Hope. I never have believed that. And here is a neat thing...I believe that Hope and thousands of other babies will come from an orphanage that never was before in the adoption process. Saved by the grace of God, picked from an obsecure orphanage, and destined for a family of love on the other side of the world. Isn't God awesome?

So pray and believe with us for these things! Miracles. For all these babies! Who knows, maybe one might find their way to your heart and home!


Lisa said...

This journey is so amazing to follow! We are in total agreement with you and Daniel... some exciting doors are going to open! Is PG excited for her sister to get here?

twingirlsmom said...

I know...WHO KNOWS, right? :)
Adoption is getting a lot of attention lately. Or is it just circling my orbit? I have been encouraging all kinds of people--even strangers--to adopt! Ha!
Oh, I have a new shirt to show you that Battlecreek sold during the adoption sermon series. It's a red shirt that says in white letters ADOPT(ED) kind of a spin off of the Gap campaign. All four of us got one!