Monday, February 27, 2012

Your First Steps Towards Adoption

After I watched a documentary on Russian orphanages when I was in high school I made a vow to God that I would adopt one day.  Before I married Husband I shared my calling with him and he agreed.  In my mind I had always imagined that I would have a baby biologically and then adopt and then have another baby biologically.  Maybe I thought it would make the adopted child feel like we had planned them, and they were not a last resort...I don't know why.

While I was having my three children I did not ever seem to be at the place where I could even entertain the thought of adoption.  I was a stressed mother of babies.  Three great kids....but lots of work.  I pushed my dream, my calling, to the background.  After Johnny was a few years old I found my adoption information packet that I had ordered years before.  Without thinking too much of it, I threw it in the trash.  I told God in my mind as I was doing it that it must not have been meant to be and that maybe our role in adoption would be that we would help fund or better yet single handedly fund someone's adoption.

The next day I had a horrible empty feeling in my gut.  I knew immediately what it was.  There have only been a few times in my life that I have felt so confidently that I heard the voice of God speaking to me.  I do not use the phrase lightly.  But I knew that day beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were supposed to adopt.

When I mentioned it to Husband he reacted the same way I had before I threw the packet in the trash.  He just assumed that our perfect timing had passed.  And besides, I thought, we already have three healthy beautiful children.  And we were even out of the baby stage!!!!  Who would want to go through that all over again!

I felt confident that God would reveal it to Husband as well that we were meant to adopt.  I got an email from the agency whose information I had that they were having a meeting in OKC at a church during the summer.  I tried to make it happen, a surprise anniversary trip and an adoption meeting thrown in as a surprise!  It didn't happen.  The next March another meeting.  This time in Tulsa.  I told Husband that I had something for us planned on Saturday and that it was a surprise.  He knew I was up to something but went along!

I still remember when we drove up to the church that Saturday morning in March of 2007.  He said, "Where are we going?"  I told him.  He will admit he felt a bit "ambushed" but being the awesome husband he is of course he went along.  I told him that if he did not feel after the meeting that adoption wasn't for us then I would respect that.  After the meeting with tears in both our eyes he indeed told me that of course we were to adopt!  How could we not were his words!

You know, sometimes I feel like we use the phrase "if it's meant to be, it will be" to excuse away a lot of our laziness or selfishness.  I think in my mind I thought that if God really wanted me to adopt one of his orphans when I already had a full family and not any extra time, then He would have to drop the orphan in my life.  But God doesn't work like that.  His Holy Spirit doesn't push.  He gently guides.  And I am so thankful that He got a hold of me that day and I was able to recognize His voice.

I do not believe that everyone is called to adopt.  Many circumstances and situations prevent this.  Even though it is my greatest passion and cause in life...adoption....I will not project that upon everyone I meet.  But I cannot count all the people who have told me and Husband over the past few years that they "have always wanted to adopt."


The first step is to come to a meeting.  Many adoption agencies have meetings at many locations.  Our adoption agency has many meetings planned right now.  You can look one up here now. Or you can come to our church's meeting this Saturday at 10-noon.  It's listed on the link above.  Take the first step to hear what is involved and what God's Word says about adoption.  Take the step to find out if this is something you and your husband can do.

                                               There might be a little Po out there for you!

Or a precious little girl who has never been held or loved in her life.

Never underestimate the power of saying YES!

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Mrs. Goforth said...

I didn't know this part of the story. Great post! I love your open heart!