Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adoption stories...Lily Yeatts

I love adoption and I love meeting the families that go get the babies and I love seeing their journey, reading their blog, etc. But my favorite thing to do is see photos of before they were adopted and then a year or so later! The change is not just physical, of course, it is life-changing, radical change from the inside out! I believe that so many could have been rescued just in time, due to life-threatening conditions they are up against and not able to get the care they need in the orphanage. There is nothing more beautiful than a child blooming right before's like God Himself breathing life again into their little souls! So I thought you might like to follow a few of my friend's stories! And I would love to add your photo to this post...

Meet Lily Yeatts! This is Lily when they first adopted her last year! This is her big sister with her, so precious, holding her up because she is so weak due to her heart problems. I'm so glad they got her! Lily came from the same orphanage as my Lily and Hope!

Here her parents are signing the papers! Little Lily kept covering her eyes from the light.

Now look at her a year later!!! Praise the Lord!!!

All the kids! What a blessed family!

You can read more about their journey to get Lily and Mia years ago on their blog.

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