Sunday, March 6, 2011

Health Updates for Hope and Lily

Hope: met with the surgeon in Dallas last Wednesday. We are waiting for our insurance to confirm them and then we will schedule the surgery. They will fix her lip first, then about a month later they will fix her palate. She will not be able to drink a bottle during this whole time so I will have to pour her formula down her throat in a little Dixie cup. Yikes!

Hope has an appointment with the pediatrician this week and I'm gonna get them to do a complete physical. I feel like her mouth is the only thing we need to work on.

Lily: we will meet with the pediatrician in a couple weeks for a head to toe physical. Then she will refer Lily to a surgeon for her fistula and it looks like she has an issue with her hip. One leg is longer than the other and she doesn't walk or run normal. I hope they can find a clue to why she is so small and that we can help her grow.

I want to do an extensive blood test for LIly with a wonderful biochemist that helped me. He will be able to analyze her blood and we will get an inside look at her and be able to supplement with vitamins accordingly to what she needs. We will do that as soon as we can.

I'm getting Lily to the dentist this week. Her teeth need a lot of help. I'm going to ask the dentist if he can put us on a LONG payment plan for her teeth as from the looks of them I am thinking thousands of dollars of work will be needed soon. I don't know if she ever was given a toothbrush to brush her teeth with. My guess is no. I hope the dentist can save her teeth because they have such a cute shape to them and she has a beautiful smile.

I'm so glad we have them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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