Sunday, December 2, 2007

LID November 2, 2007

So quick! We just received word that our dossier was logged into China on November 2, 2007! LID- Log in date. We are finally official. China has logged us in and we are on the list! Yippee!! We are so excited. We feel one step closer to little Hope. The adoption agency told us the current wait is 2 years with a trend of increasing quickly. We don't care. God is in control. Whenever it is time for us to receive little Hope, we are ready!

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hayleyhook82 said...

Hey Amy! I am just getting our faster internet up and running, and I can finally read the blog again! Yay! I have this inner voice telling me that Hope will come to us sooner than we all think! I also had a dream about her, I saw her face and she was in your lap smiling. I would love to take that as a sign! I hardly ever remember my dreams, so the fact that I recalled that one is pretty cool! Anyway, I am praying for ya'll and for Hope!