Monday, May 7, 2007

We now have a family coordinator...and a clean garage!

Moving along...we got a call today from Kim at America World. She is our family coordinator. She will be with us along the way and help us each step. She is mailing the packet today with all the information on how to compose our dossier. I am so eager for this because until I get that packet, I have had nothing to do!! I did, though, go ahead and order Daniel's birth certificates because we couldn't find his original. I ordered 4 originals, just in case, and now I find out I only needed one! Oh, well, better to have too much in this case! Now I am ordering mine and hopefully it isn't lost in New Orleans!

Also, Kim said that the current wait once we are logged into China is around 18 months. I was prepared for her to say 3 years! That is a blessing. I am believing for a miracle and that it will not even take 18 months though. China has set some new requirements that go into effect this month. These requirements, such as BMI, net worth, education, and marriage, are causing a lot of stir and unfortunately are cutting out a lot of people who were considering China. This may help the wait time decrease as well.

We have already made changes in our home preparing for Hope. This weekend we rented a dumpster and cleaned out our garage and shed. It is amazing how much junk we had! People love a dumpster. Neighbors all took advantage of our dumpster and contributed!! We know Sol will be so proud of our garage, as he has told us before that it is "unsightly!"

I was telling Chantel that we really wanted the house and garage clean for the home study. She asked me if they were really going to look in the garage?! Who knows? But if they do, they will be impressed. I plan to paint it next. It reminds me of when my friend Lane in high school cleaned out her garage AND painted it because a particular boy was coming over! Those of you who know Lane will get a kick out of that!!


miphatname said...

you must live in the city if you have to RENT A DUMPSTER. i have never heard of such. my father always threw our junk in the good old pick up truck and we WENT TO THE DUMP. crazy as it sounds , it is one of my favorite memories with him.

"Neat people don't make the great discoveries that i do" that is a direct quote from Chantel. she may never admit it but she SAID IT AND I LIVE BY IT. lol

Amy Reneé said...

Yes, Brandy, I too have MANY special memories of going to the dump with my dad. In Tulsa, even if you take a load to the dump, you have to PAY to dump it!!